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Lash Extensions Kingston

Classic lashes are individual extensions that can come in many variations of diameters, lengths and curls. 

Diameters can range from .10 to .30 millimetres, with .12 and .15 being the most common - probably what you’re getting when you have a set of classic lashes done. 

While this style of lash extensions is usually recognized for being the most natural, a volume set of lashes done just right can offer a much more natural end result! It’s all about working with your lash artist to find the style that’s right for you. 

What Kind of Lashes should I get?

Finding the correct map for your features is one of the most important parts of the entire lash extension process. You might want to consider how much lid space you have, how many lashes you have, and the direction of your lash growth. All these factors will affect the final outcome of your look and help inform what curls and lengths we will be using! 


A short, "Doll Eye" shape counters the dramatic downturn of this client's outer lashes and delivers soft, subtle beauty. 


A long, "Fox Eye" shape delivers a lifted effect that helps open the eyes and transitions beautifully from day-to-night. 


This "Fox Eye" set is a great example of how clients with lots of natural lashes can achieve a dramatic, intense look with 1:1 classics alone!

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