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Kingston Lash Extensions

While regular volume fans have 5-7 lashes per fan, light volume lashes only have 3-5. Volume lashes can range from 0.03-0.07mm in diameter, so when used appropriately, can actually offer a more natural look than classics! 

What kind of Lashes should I get?

Finding the correct map for your features is one of the most important parts of the entire lash extension process. You might want to consider how much lid space you have, how many lashes you have, and the direction of your lash growth. All these factors will affect the final outcome of your look and help inform what curls and lengths we will be using! 

L Curl Cat Eye.jpg

A dramatic, "Cat Eye" shape delivers a lifted effect that counters that downward-trajectory of this client's natural lashes. 


A wispy "Fox Eye" shape delivers this client length throughout; and a dark, fluffy upward flick toward the outer corners - similar a foxes tail.

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